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General warning for the whole story: coarse language.
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Colliding Stars is set in a world similar but unlike our own. In a century-long war between Quesdeja and Kiraul, the accidental discovery of a healer tilts the delicate balance of power.

This is the story of the healer, the turning point of her life. As an orphan from the rural countryside, how will she grow into the role she was suddenly thrown into?

Epilogue + Surprise! :) — 23 November 2013

So this marks the end of the entire story. Thanks for enjoying the ride with me! ^^

Epilogue + Something extra at the end :D

Final Chapter — 28 October 2013

It's all coming to an end now. :')

Final Chapter

Chapter 55 — 01 October 2013

Warning: Um.................................................. naked man running around? :P

Chapter 55

Chapter 54 — 30 January 2013

Chapter 54

Chapter 53 — 05 January 2013

Does he live? Or is he dead?

Chapter 53

Interlude — 22 December 2012

Note: This is a direct continuation from where we left off the last time (yes, I still suck at choosing where to cut my chapters, bleah :P), so please review the ending for Chapter 52! :D


Hiatus — 20 August 2012

Until December 2012. Sorry for doing this all the time, guys! ':)

I'd admit that I did entertain thoughts of continuing CS during my semester, but that was before I decided to overload with 6 modules, all of which required project work with one of it being my final year project (I'm in my final year!!!), and took up an extra tuition assignment (I'm desperate for money :P). I hope I survive this semester, haha.

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Chapter 52 — 13 August 2012

I remember the days we spent together
Were not enough
And I used to feel like dreamin'
Except we always woke up
Never thought not having you here now
Would hurt so much
- Tonight, FM Static

Warning: um… I don’t want to give it away, but this chapter involves blood and the loss of a very young life. :X

Chapter 52! Last one before I return to school. :X

Also, picspam at the end! ;)


Chapter 51 — 24 July 2012

Chapter 51 :'(

Chapter 50 — 09 July 2012

Chapter 50 ^^
(eep! Why do I always forget to post on blogger? :X)

Back from Hiatus! :D — 02 July 2012

Chapter 49 — 15 January 2012

Chapter 49

Chapter 48 — 26 December 2011

Chapter 48

Chapter 47 — 11 December 2011

Important: Please read the last scene of chapter 46 for a better sense of continuity! (I suck at choosing where to cut my chapters, heh. :P)

Chapter 47

On Hiatus — 17 September 2011

Hello peeps! ^^ As you know, my semester has already started and I am not supposed to play during term time (*cough* but have already flouted this rule with Chapter 46 and the following outtakes *cough*). Will be back in December!

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Oh, and I did mention outtakes, didn't I? ;)

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Chapter 46 — 03 September 2011

When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse.
- Fix You, Coldplay

Warning: Adult theme

Chapter 46, mostly to tie up some loose ends for Evelynn. Sorry if you were expecting something epic from Zae and Kay! :P

Chapter 45 — 13 August 2011

Note: Um... well, I'd rather you imagine the blood yourself than I photoshop it in, hehe.

Chapter 45. :)

Chapter 44 — 25 July 2011

Chapter 44, the aftermath.

Chapter 43 — 01 July 2011

Chapter 43!! D:

Chapter 42 — 13 June 2011

Chapter 42 :)